Asian Students' Alliance

ASA is a student org that aims to be a community and resource for Asian and Asian American students. ASA hosts weekly meetings for its members and multiple events each semester. Click here to get involved!

Weekly Meetings

5 Major Events Each Year

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Updates — 10/16/20

New Website

ASA has just launched its new website! Some sections are still incomplete but it is ready to go for Day Mart. Stay tuned for the full site!

Day Mart

Are you hungry? Are you missing those favorite treats from home, or is the food at Express just not cutting it? The Asian Students’ Alliance is proud to present Day Mart! We’ll be selling Asian snacks (think fancy ramen! jellies! and so many flavors of Pocky and Hello Panda!) out in Tent 3 (library lawn) this Saturday (10/17) from 1pm-5pm. Hope to see you there, and bring your appetite :)


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Major Events

Every year, ASA hosts its flagship events: Night Market (Day Mart this year), Lunar New Year, Fashion Show, and guest speakers. For more information on these events, click on "Learn More."

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Big Sib-Lil Sib

BSLS is a mentorship program for first-year Asian-identifying students. The first-year students who sign up to be a "Lil Sib" will be matched with a "Big Sib" the start of the year. Big Sibs are upperclassmen and will assist their Lil Sibs in transitioning into college. This way, Lil Sibs will have at least one person on campus they can lean on :).

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Asian Students' Committee

ASC is a sub-org within ASA that hosts its own weekly meetings. Each year, the Committee Chair chooses a cause or course of action to support and organize meetings around. This year, ASC is about art. Members can experiment with various Asian art styles, explore questions about identity, and have fun conversations and bonding activities. All skill levels are welcome!

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